New! Concealer- RCMA yellow/ orange
New! Concealer- RCMA yellow/ orange
New! Concealer- RCMA yellow/ orange
New! Concealer- RCMA yellow/ orange

New! Concealer- RCMA yellow/ orange

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*NEW PRODUCT!  RCMA is our newest concealer product, offering the same highly pigmented eye concealer infused with 65% color pigment, yellow or orange concealer. This product has been used professionally for years. Lasts for hours, a creamy concealer must have in your glamour box.

To my customer: Joe Blasco has gone out of business for personal reasons. I have researched months to find an alternative concealer, and this is it! Not only will you find it comparable or more concealing you will receive a larger size. You will apply RCMA just as you applied Joe Blasco. Following a light brush stroke of your highlight eye shadow. Found here @ LLB under eyeshadow. 

RCMA Yellow or Orange how do you choose?

RCMA Orange has slightly more color. If your coloring is Medium/golden I would recommend Orange. If you have red, purple or brown challenge on the lid / corner eye area, I also recommend Orange Highlight for you.

Special yellow is a bit brighter, a color range for a lighter skin tone.  However, both are very effective for a large color range.


How to: 1. Apply RCMA concealer using a damp sponge or small concealer brush. Apply evenly over entire eye area, buffing out into the higher cheek area. Go over darker inner corners of eyes if needed several times. DO NOT apply several times over all the eye area because of the inner and underneath eye area being darker. This product has a high pigment range so a little goes a long way. 

2. Apply your LLB matte neutral eye shadow (see LL standalone eye shadow) over RCMA yellow/orange with a fluff brush (see accessories). This sets your RCMA concealer.

TIP* If you have a few creases under or on lid area after applying, buff out prior to applying your neutral 'Matte' eye shadow. You can now proceed with your color eye makeup, eye liner ect.

3. Apply foundation, blend where foundation and concealer meet. 

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