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Blush is an important role in our make-up regime. Applying blush does several things:

It adds shape and dimension to the face and color. 

I have several choices of Natural blush products. I am a fan of cream and liquid blush because of the natural look and ease of application. Any age can use these beautiful blushes,keeping in mind your choice of 'Cool' or 'Warm' colors. The cream blush can be applied with a blush brush. Sweeping the brush lightly over the blush, layering until you reach the desired color.


Creme Blush
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Decoy,* best seller light-Med neutral. Great match for all skin colors.
Lullaby, a sheer natural shade. Note: is more natural than shows.
Lavish, a cool sheer rosy pink, (light skin).
Sunburst- New color! A rich blend of warm/red w/shimmer
Creme Blush $15.00
Liquid Blush
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Burlesque-Warm, Neutral
Flutter, Cool
Peace, light warm
Liquid Blush $15.00
Blush Brush
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Blush Brush $15.00