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Foundation is the base to your make-up regime. I have always quoted, ' foundation can ruin beautiful skin'. Don't overdue foundation, especially over 45. A lightweight look will give you a more beautiful finish, focusing on eyes and lips is a much better look. 

TIP: If you have an area that you must conceal, first apply overall makeup then return at the end of your application to conceal that 'one' area. Do not apply a heavy coverage because of a few areas you want to conceal. Always conceal with a small concealer brush. (See accessories) 

Mineral Sheer Tint SPF 20
Quick View
Light, Light/Medium with a neutral undertone
Medium, Medium with a neutral, golden undertone
Cameo Glow, Light/Medium with a neutral, warm undertone
Natural Glow, *Best seller: Medium with a neutral, cool undertone
Sun Glow, Medium/Deep with a neutral, golden brown undertone
Mineral Sheer Tint SPF 20 $20.00
Luminous Foundation
Quick View
Tender Beige, Medium with a neutral undertone.
Pale Beige, Medium with a neutral, cool undertone.
Natural Beige, Medium/Deep with a neutral undertone.,
Vanilla Cream, Light/Medium with a neutral, yellow warm undertone.
Bisque, Light withe a neutral/red undertone.
Linen, Light with a neutral undertone.
Luminous Foundation $10.00