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    4 products


    Did you know…1.8 to 2.4 million dead skin cells fall off your body each day?!

      As a highly experienced esthetician I have experienced and guided hundreds of clients to true correction concerning their facial treatments. Developing over the years skin care products that offer true results. As I worked with clients, one concern was constant clients had beautiful facial skin however from the neck down their age was apparent. Because of this experience I have developed Lucy Lindsey luxury bath products. This small but highly effective corrective, exfoliating system gives results immediately with ingredients that are tried and true proven to smooth and exfoliate.

       1.Starting with a 34 in. exfoliating bath towel that does not mold or fall apart. This bath towel can be laundered and is very long lasting.

          2. Citrus Blast Exfoliating Body Wash, combined with the body towel will leave your skin smoother than you could ever believe. Will rid your body of all dry skin, pore bumps on arms, upper thighs and aid in body acne.

           3.Citrus Daydream Luxurious Body Lotion is a rich emollient that will offer the skin a highly absorbent ‘drink’ of lasting moisture. Filled with the finest Shea Butter Cream, Silk Aminos. Compared to the richest cremes on the market at a pennies price.

            4.Walnut~Mint Exfoliating Mask for Face and Body, This Highly exfoliating, moisturizing exfoliant with a perfect blend of powdered walnuts, exfoliating crystals, and the perfect blend of enzymes is the key to your true ‘Anti-Aging’ goals. With consistent use (daily) your skin will correct and be transformed. I recommend use on arms, chest, legs 2-3 x weekly to keep the bodies skin smooth and healthy.

      I know you will see the difference for yourself. Please consider adding one or all of these products to your ‘must have’ body regime.