I used your cleanser and they are awesome. I love the light and tight too . Thank you

Hanna: I just did my @llindsey beauty routine this moring! The scrub is a game changer @ that's LL Anti-Aging toner is the only toner I use now. This reminds me I need to get more of the Boost Serum.
Darla Smith. This lady used to have salons in Lubbock. I always went to Lucy for facials. She is honest and Her products are wonderful. Great quality and great price. If you follow her regime you won’t regret it.
I have been using Lucy Lindsey Beauty products for over 10 yrs. Lucy is an expert in her field. She is an aesthetician who has devoted her life's work to formulating & perfecting her products. Her products are ALWAYS going to be the best there is. I have been on different skin care regimens before and I can honestly say there is no comparison. Lucy has developed a skin care regimen that is precise...with not too many steps. If you follow her regimen you WILL see a difference. Any questions I have ever had have always been answered. Not only is it a skin care system that is easy to follow it is by far the most reasonable. Just look at the ingredients in each product & it is hard to believe you can use such quality skin care at such an affordable price point...any other products with such pure, quality ingredients would normally be much; much more expensive! You will not be disappointed!
Hi Lucy,
Pam Gjeldum commented on your status.
Pam wrote: "Best wishes! Wish I was there . Been using the products for over a week now.......I just love them!!!! Carl loves how the lotions smell and I love how well they work without leaving a heavy feeling on my skin. Will be ordering more for Christmas presents especially the towel:). Such a great idea!"
Name: Trenda Adkins
Subject: Reviews
Message: Hi Lucy,
I want to tell you how awesome I think your products are!  I bought from you at \'market\' and am loving your products more and more with each day I use them.  Thanks for creating a product that is good for your skin.  I am very sensitive to so many products but not yours!  Thanks again!
Trenda Adkins
 14 weeks ago
Rachael, Lucy is simply the best!!! Her genuine interest in helping people look their best is both heartwarming and very professional! Her products are very rich in nutrients and easy to use. Her customer service is excellent and I would highly recommend her products and services to anyone looking for a simple and effective regime. My favorite product is the Walnut Mint Scrub, it feels and smells so amazing! thank you Lucy
January 9 at 11:56 AM
 I tried it (Charcoal Mask) for the first time last night. it was li... See More
I am new to the line and so far I am loving everything.
14 weeks ago
Lucy explains products so you understand how to use them and her skin is beautiful so it’s obvious her products are the highest quality with excellent ingredients. She is so helpful and an expert in the beauty world. I would highly recommend her products and her to everyone! My daughter and I had the best time working with her and we both ended up with skin care products appropriate for our ages. Love everything I bought.
December 4 at 8:21 PM
Love this!! I never am a single day without!❤️ (Tight and Light)
November 26 at 4:27 PM
 I’m loving my new skincare products!! 😘
October 9 at 10:00 PM
 Used my Charcoal Masque tonight. Love your products. 
Meredith Bollinger
 2 hours ago
Lucy is the image of skincare. Before you hire a personal trainer, you most likely want them to be in shape in order to trust their knowledge and ability to help you get healthy. Lucy is just that, but in skincare. She’s a walking billboard for her own knowledge and expertise. Her skin is perfect! I was blessed at an early age (around junior high school) to begin learning from Lucy about how to care for my skin and also began using her products. I’m now 33 and accredit my skins amazing state to her products and knowledge. More than anything, I get asked about what I’m doing to take care of my skin. I always point people to Lucy. I would never trust anyone else but her and her products with my skin. She’s the best out there!