Jenny Ezell, FNP

"I am a Family Nurse Practitioner that has had the opportunity to work with Lucy Lindsey in the opening of the first medical spa in Lubbock, Texas over a decade ago.

Lucy has passion for overall health and skin care products. Is an expert in advising clients on the best products for their specific needs, customizing skin care treatments and explaining product details.
Working with an experienced esthetician who has also over the years shared this gift to others to provide education and training on skin care aesthetics.

Lucy has been very meticulous in creating and developing her own private label of skin care and body products. The development and bringing to the public of cutting-edge skin and body products is essential for the skincare market that Lucy has mastered and continues to achieve.
It has become an art of Lucy’s during the aging process to teach these skills to others. Her dedication to this profession is reputable, one of high quality, based on integrity to her work and honesty to others.

I have had the pleasure to be able to observe and learn from her experiences and utilize advanced impressive execution to stay competitive in this challenging field.

I have also continued in the medical esthetic profession which continues to be a passage and evolving journey and being enthusiastic despite growing challenges of subtle aging we face every day"

Jenny Ezell FNP, Nurse Practitioner