Preferred Regime

Preferred Regime
 Following treatments
     1. Cleanse with Herbal Foam Cleanser or Grapefruit Cleanser
      2. Tone with Herbal Toner or LL Anti-Oxidant Toner
      3. Apply 2-3 drops of LL Tight and Light 'Gold Three' , let absorb
   4. Apply either LL Boost Serum, LL DMAE moist, Dr. Schwab AM/PM moisturizer over LL Tight and Light Vitamin 'Gold Three'
5. Apply LL Silk eye or Janssen Tri-Care eye creme'
  1. Exfoliate with Lucy Lindsey ’Walnut~Mint’ exfoliant or Bamboo Cream Peel for face and body in shower.
  2.  No need to cleanse out of shower after exfoliating, proceed with Tone out of shower.
  3.  Follow with LL 'Gold Three', let absorb. 
  4. Follow with Janssen Tri-Care Eye Cream or LL Silk Eye crème.
  5. If skin is highly dehydrated follow with LL DMAE moisturizer, Dr. Schwabb AM/PM moisturizer or apply only LL SPF 50, or LL Tinted Moisturize with 20 SPF.

Note, these are very active products, if skin appears to stimulated, start application slowly. Use every other or every 3rd day. Allow skin to acclimate to ingredients.