Dry Skin

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    18 products

    Dry skin (a skin type) is lacking oil , dehydrated skin, a skin condition which can be corrected is lacking water. 

    Dehydrated skin will promote naturally dry skin to age much quicker. Lack of water intake, environmental conditions such as extremely cold weather, sun, smoking, poor diet and illness. 

    Sun, smoking, and a poor diet are factors that you can control. These factors start the aging process at a much younger age than just aging genetically or naturally. 

    LL offers a skin regime that will keep the skin the very best it can be genetically. At any age you will begin to see improvement. 

    By rotating treatments and exfoliating consistently you will see improvement and notice the skin will not age as rapidly. LLB has combined ingredients that create a healthy atmosphere for living skin.

    Your Body: Skin is skin. My promise to you, if you consistently use Citrus blast body wash with our exfoliating cloth you will see an improvement in days.  Exfoliating everyday my friend, following our Citrus Daydream lotion. These products have the highest grade of exfoliants and Creams in comparison to any other body products on the market.

    Always with you in mind beautiful, Lucy