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Luxury Matte Lipstick

Angelina, Neutral pink with a warm undertone
Grace, Neutral pink with cool, blue undertone
Prima, Neutral pink with a warm, yellow undertone
Red Carpet, True red, brown cool based undertone
Mel Rose, Plum with a neutral undertone
Katie, Mauve with a cool, lavender undertone
Sophia, Coral nude with a warm, brown undertone
Hollywood, Neutral pink with a cool undertone
Julia, Plum with a cool, violet undertone
Vivian, Brown nude with a warm, yellow undertone


Luxurious, creamy lipstick with a modern matte finish. Delivers saturated color, intense hydration and extended wear, for soft, smooth, beautiful lips.

This smooth lipstick is a modern look without the peeling, gummy feel. Lasts for hours, easy to wear and wears beautifully.