Highlight Eyeliner Pencil: White hi-lite

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Highlight Eyeliner Pencil: White hi-lite

 A White Hi-Lite eye pencil has been, and still is used to brighten the eyes for television personalities, media personnel. A tool all Make-up artist have in their arsenal.

This simple pencil creates a sharper, clearer look to the eyes. Some of us are born with a yellowing of the eye, or we fight allergies of some sort that leave us with red / blood streaked eyes. By using this Hi-lite eye pencil in the 'waterline' of the eye it camouflages the yellow or redness. A simple, but very effective tool.

This creamy pencil will glide on smooth and stay put. It may take a few times to get the hang of how much to use but it will quickly become one of your go to tools. 

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