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Foundation Brush


This beautiful tapered brush applies and blends in foundation for a flawless finish. Made with super-soft and long-lasting Taklon fibers for a seamless application each time. The high-gloss handle is lacquered nine times for maximum durability.

Usage: A Foundation brush is not a necessary  brush. It does however offer you a beautiful finish to your foundation. If you prefer a foundation brush, apply your foundation on the top upper part of your hand, sweep your foundation brush over the foundation and sweep over all areas of face. Remembering your make-up should float on your face not pushed in and absorbed. If you wear concealer apply concealer 'after' your application of foundation, blend where the two products meet. If you wear powder lightly apply a translucent powder. 

Tip: Those of us over 50 I do not recommend powder. I do recommend a matte neutral eye shadow lightly buffed over your cream eye concealer (Joe Blasco) to seal product.