Why Lucy Lindsey?

Lucy Lindsey

  You may ask yourself, why would I use these products over hundreds of widely known products? These are the facts to consider.

  1. I have been in every aspect of the beauty industry.
  2. I have spent hundreds of hours ‘physically’ working on skin, seeing the physical aspects of how skin reacts, and corrects.
  3. I have worked with the most advanced products in the skincare industry.
  4. I worked closely with renowned skincare experts, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and nurse practitioners. 
  5. I Offer you a very quality product at a fair price. I have packaged  LL products to protect and lengthen the life of very active formulas. My packaging is basic to give most of the dollar value inside the container.

          I am an independent business. I have searched for companies that hold the highest quality and ingredient standard in the industry, for both skin and make-up.

          My blog will consist of  information that I have gathered over the years. Some is my personal information , some other authors or professionals in the beauty industry that I hold in high regard. 

          My hope is that I can aid to make your day to day regime easier, and your day brighter because of perhaps 'one' product you love that I have introduced to you. to.


            Blessing and Beautiful Skin,    


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