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Lucy Lindsey

Retina is proven to be the most Anti-Aging product you can incorporate into your skin care regime. It is proven to build collegan and create a luminous look to the skin. Yes, it can sheer the skin. However, used properly will create a beautiful skin tone, lighten the skin and aid in absorption of your additional treatment products.I have personally used Retina for years, and have instructed many clients in the use of this corrective product. Written below is what I have found to be the most effective regime for Retina. 


1. Cleanse, 2. Tone 3. Eyecreme' 4. place a line of Retina on the first joint of your middle finger, take your fingertips and warm up product. 5. Pat starting from the hairline in to center of face. Do not go above orbital eye bone area, or lid, place product above brow, down nose. Remembering to pay close attention to sides of face, this area gets much sun exposure from driving, sports activities, ect. 6. Rub Retina in well, the face will appear as though you have a mask on. Rub  in until all product absorbs. 7. Let product absorb for 5 minutes. 8. Apply LL Tight and Light Vitamin C over Retina. Let absorb for several minutes. The LL Tight and Light will re-emulsify the Retina making it seem it hasn't absorbed. No worries, this formulation will enhance the correction protocol and have a better peeling experience.

Note: you will peel more if you have not exfoliated in your past regime. After several weeks of following this routine you will find you will not peel as much. The body will only exfoliate as it should naturally. By using Retina you are encouraging the body to slough off tissue at a more rapid pace. When using Retina do not moisturize,  (LL Boost, Anti-Aging, DMAE, AM/PM moisturizer) for 24 hours (only around eye area), you want to promote the peeling experience. Remember you are using ----Retina* 2 days in a row*. Use moisturizers the evening following the second day of your Retina experience, (3rd evening)

 3-4 days later. When you are in shower, after skin has warmed and pliable take fingers tips and roll skin firmly. You should feel tissue coming off, rinse and continue until all exfoliated tissue has been removed. Repeat, you will especially feel tissue rolling off around T-Zone, upper cheek area. REMEMBER, do not stretch skin as you work. Hold skin with one hand while you roll with the other. 

If you are apprehensive, follow this regime 1 x per week. You may find this works perfectly for you. Note: Always use sunscreen daily.* Look for LL SPF 50 brightening protection. 

This simple regime will take your skin beyond what you thought possible. The key is being consistent. This protocol is much like brushing your teeth, you must do it to experience true, long lasting correction...Enjoy. 

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