How To Use Joe Blasco Concealer

Lucy Lindsey

  1. Apply Foundation/Tinted moisturizer to face.
  2. Apply this high pigment Concealer evenly over entire eye area with sponge or small concealer brush. Buffing concealer out onto higher cheek area to create highlighted high cheek bone.
  3. Re-apply concealer over darker areas (under and inside corner of eye) if needed. Do not re-apply over entire eye area. 
  4. Blend where foundation and concealer meet.
  5. Apply highlight matte eye shadow with fluff brush over entire eye area 'over' concealer. Proceed with color.
Companion to this products.
1. Matte eye shadow # 201 or #111.
2. A Fluff brush to use only with these eye shadows to keep your concealer perfect. (Look for accessories/brushes).

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    • I’m a new customer, 27 days now and will continue to use Lucy’s products and daily protocol. The results I’ve experienced are very positive. I had been using a name brand that I thought contained active ingredients. Lucy Lindsey’s Exfoliator + Vitamin C proved to be substantially better evidenced by the amount of exfoliation taking place and the news texture of my skin. Next, I’m trying the body wash with towel 🤗

      Paula Myers

    • I have used Lucy’s products for a number of years. Lucy’s expertise in skin care is phenomenal and she has taught me the correct procedures to use these products to help with the aging process. I will continue to get my skin care products from Lucy in the future. Many thanks!

      Linda Dever

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