Why Lucy Lindsey?

Lucy Lindsey

    As you search through Lucy Lindsey products, both treatment and Glamour. You may ask yourself, why would I use these products over hundreds of widely known products? These are the facts to consider. I have been in every aspect of the beauty industry. I have spent hundreds of hours ‘physically’ working on skin, seeing the physical aspects of how skin reacts, and corrects. I have worked with the most advanced products in the skincare industry. I worked closely with renowned skincare experts, Dermatologists , Plastic Surgeons, and Nurse practioners. I developed treatment protocols through experience of ingredients and action...

How To Use Joe Blasco Concealer

Lucy Lindsey

Apply Foundation/Tinted moisturizer to face. Apply Concealer evenly over entire eye. Blend where foundation and concealer meet. Apply highlight eye shadow with fluff brush over entire eye area 'over' concealer. Proceed with color. Companion to this products. 1. Matte eye shadow # 201 or #111. 2. A Fluff brush too  use only with these eye shadows to keep your concealer perfect. (Look for accessories/brushes).